Episode 48- Mindless Knitting

Thanks for tuning in to Episode 48 of the podcast!

Episode 48 Segments:

  • Off the Needles
  • On the Needles
  • From the Armchair
  • Events
  • On a Happy Note


Off the Needles

Rainbow Stripe Socks

  • US 1.5 needles
  • Yarn: Enchanted Knoll Farm
  • Colorway: Common Grackle Self Striping

Perry’s Hat

  • Pattern: Turn a Square Hat
  • Yarn: Malibrigo: Vaa colorway
  • Yarn: Premiere Home Cotton (3 dishcloths from 1 skein)
  • Needles: US 8
  • Pattern: Spinning Wheel Dishcloth by Yarn Lover’s Room

I finished my second shawl design.

It still needs a name and I need to write up the pattern so I can have it test knit.

On the Needles

Baby Boy Blanket


 OMG Heel Socks

  • Yarn: Socks that Rock Lightweight
  • Colorway: Positive Energy
  • Needles: US 1.5
  • Modifications: 54 stitches, 3×3 rib

 Leftovers Socks

  • Yarn: (leftovers of) Cascade 220 Superwash
  • Needles: US 3
  • Pattern: top down, after-thought heel sock edited each time I make them in the attempt to find the perfect fit.
  • Yarn: Schoppel-Wolle Crazy Zauberball
  • Colorway: Fliederduft
  • Needles: US 1.5
  • Pattern: improvised (56 stitches, 2×2 ribbing, after-thought heel)


Crafty Adventures

Cleaning the studio after winter and finally hanging art on the walls feels so good!

My comfy armchair wth the new collage above (yes, that bottom left canvas is blank. Seemed better to hang it now and decorate it later when I get to it)

the right side of my desk. a new backboard with hooks &
the rack for my threads
(some love notes from Willy & Aila on my tack board)
My workspace where I edit, check emails and fun stuff like that
The handpainted canvas to the left was a gift from my best friend Kris


Tan House Brook Shawl KAL

On a Happy Note

c25k free app for iPhone (couch to 5k training program)

 I just finished Week 4. I’m enjoying the armband option for phone. If you’re playing it aloud, be sure to face the bottom up towards your face so you can hear it. And if it rains, put a Ziplock bag over it! Voila. Dry phone!

There’s almost nothing that makes me happier than pool time on the weekend! Especially before my big work project ramps up!
Silly kids!
Watching 7 kids in a pool can be a little tricky, but its worth every second!
Finally- clean house makes me really happy!
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One thought on “Episode 48- Mindless Knitting

  1. Laura

    I’ve been using the Spinning Wheel dishcloth pattern and really like it. For years, I’d just been knitting the same garter stitch dish cloth that my grandma taught me to make. It’s nice to have some variety now! :) Can you share how you seam it up when you are finished? I never like how my seam turns out, but I love the pattern!

    PS- I always look forward to your podcast. You do a great job. :)


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