Episode 51: Positively Wreckless

Tan House Brook Shawls at Stitches: Episode 51 | Down Cellar Studio PodcastThank you for tuning in this week! This Week’s Segments Included:

  • Off the Needles
  • On the Needle
  • Events
  • In my Travels
  • Close Knit Family
  • On a Happy Note

Off the Needles

Shawl for GrammyEpisode 51 | Down Cellar Studio Podcast Episode 51 | Down Cellar Studio Podcast

  • Yarn: Lotus Yarns Silky Cashmere Fingering 400 yards of 55% silk, 45% Mongolian Cashmere in a very light tan color (#16)
  • US 5 needles
  • Pattern: new design still to be tweaked further

On the Needles

Crazy Vanilla Socks

Split into 2 cakes. Cast on 48 stitches with US 1.5 needles. Couple inches of ribbing and then stockinette for about 16 inches. Great travel knitting for Stitches Midwest.Kitchen Counter Crafter


Contest:  eBook copy of Knits that Breathe: 12 Breezy Projects to Keep you Cool by Julie Turjoman. We had 61 entries! Thanks for entering. Tune in to see if you won, and if you did, please contact me on Ravelry.

In my Travels

Discussion of Stitches Midwest. For more check out these posts:

Close Knit Family

During our most recent pool day, I was knitting on my Zauberball socks and my niece, Riley wanted to knit too! I helped a little, but mostly she wanted to work with Auntie Krissy! It was great to see two of my favorite people knitting together!Riley & Auntie Krissy Knitting

My nephew Garret informed me his slippers are too small. He needs new ones that will fit his feet! Adding that to the Christmas knitting list.

On a Happy Note

Couch to 5k Running Progress: I’m currently on Week 8. I’m running 25-28 minutes at a time- still can’t believe it. I find I do better when I run every 2-3 days instead of taking off 4-5 days in between runs.

Vacation pool days!Pool Day

Garret figured out how to do a flip off the diving board (at the ripe old age of 4)Episode 51 | Down Cellar Studio PodcastEpisode 51 | Down Cellar Studio Podcast

We spent a day at Roger William’s Zoo then visiting a local dairy for ice cream!Episode 51 | Down Cellar Studio PodcastEpisode 51 | Down Cellar Studio Podcast Episode 51 | Down Cellar Studio Podcast Episode 51 | Down Cellar Studio Podcast

Stitch Fix: for the first time I kept all 5 items. I found that my stylist really incorporated all of  the feedback I gave from previous shipments and it paid off! More details to follow in an upcoming blog post. If you’re interested in trying it out, please consider using my referral code.

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Happy Knitting! Talk to you soon!

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