Episode 6- New Adventures

Thanks for listening to Episode 6: New Adventures!

On the Needles

Off the Needles


Thinking of casting on the Little Oak cardigan by Alana Dakos.
I’m itching to cast on for some Christmas gifts. Contemplating the Flower Girl’s Knitted Bolero-Snowdrops by Kyoko Nakayoshi
Might also cast on the Leafprints Shawlette by Anne Hanson after I’ve made more progress on my sweater. I think this will be a great fit for the yarn I won from Miss Elle Knits.

In My Travels

I had a great time meeting Brenda Dayne at Webs on May 8th.

NH Sheep & Wool: I went to my very first fiber festival in NH on Saturday May 12th! So many sights and sounds to enjoy!

Beautiful handmade spindles
Lots of yarn!
Handmade wooden buttons
The Lady Bertram Shawlette Pattern that I purchased along with the yarn shown.
Viewed my first sheep sheering.

Crafty Adventures

Going to look at a cabinet/corner desk set-up for my studio this weekend!
Any ideas for a good, sturdy countertop that’s eco-friendly and won’t break the bank?

From the Armchair

Loving the first two episodes of Season 7 of America’s Got Talent! Howard Stern is really funny as is the rest of the cast. I can foresee us watching every episode this season!

A Contest!

Ok, this is a major teaser! Tune in to Episode 7 for details… but head over and join our Ravelry group in the meantime…. just saying… it might be a good idea!

On a Happy Note

Tresemme Flawless Curls Spray Gel; works great (even if this photo doesn’t really do it justice.. best I could do on my own)!

Quote of the Week

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
-Maya Angelou

4 thoughts on “Episode 6- New Adventures

  1. Ana

    Hi Jen,

    I just heard about your podcast over at the Knitmore Girls! They mentioned you’re in Boston, as am I, so I had to come over and check you out. I look forward to listening to podcasts! :)


  2. Erin_in_Boston

    The Lady Bertram Shawlette looks like it is from Ball and Skein. I too went to NH Sheep and Wool and loved Ball and Skein’s booth! I was agog and had to leave and come back again because I couldn’t choose a yarn and pattern. (This was my first wool fest and I was on sensory overload!). I am sad I never settled on anything but will visit their online shop.
    Love your format in the blog, you pack lots of info in without overwhelming! I’ll be back!

  3. Erin_in_Boston

    Hello, I found my way here through listening to Nevernotknitting podcast. I loved hearing your story and hope you inspired the ladies to give knitting another try. As for the blog, I love the set-up, the voice, and the projects you shared here! Those cable-y mitts are beautiful.

    I too was at NH Sheep and Wool, we might have bumped into each other…. The shawl is from the Ball and Skein booth right? I was drooling all over their samples and yarns. Because it was my first wool festival, I was on sensory overload and never came to a decision about which yarn and pattern to get, despite visiting their booth a couple of times. I will have to visit their online shop or wait for the next festival I guess.

    I will be back again! And thanks!

  4. Carol

    Nice photos and I love reading about your adventures around NE as I lived in the Boston area for years. Will listen to your podcast – good luck with it.


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