Fun Friday Links 11.14.14

Winter + Iced Coffee

In case you didn’t know, we New Englanders drink Iced Coffee all year round!

Have you checked out Ray Donovan? I think it’s a great show! Lots of nudity, language and violence so it’s not for everyone but it’s well written and really engaging! Just finished Season 2!

I reviewed Hannah Fettig’s Stash Bot in my last episode. If you want to see Stash Bot in Action & in case you’re curious about how the numbers are calculated, check this out.

Check out this article about Five Tips to Make your Photography Backgrounds Pop by my awesome friend Emily of Knitting Butterflies Podcast.

I love this new Hayward shawl from Susan B Anderson and the kit available from Infinite Twist.

Have you checked out the Indie Gift-A-Long on Ravelry? You can get some great discounts while supporting independent designers! Plus there are KALS! Super fun!

Check out my guest post over on A Playful Day: 5 Tips for Great Blog Photography of your Knits! Kate’s blog and podcast are phenomenal so poke around while you’re there!

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