Fun Links Friday: 11.7.14

Gillette StadiumIt’s almost the weekend & weekends are one of my favorite things. Here are a couple of my other recent favorites for the start of fall.

I love wearing straight leg/skinny pants with fun ballet flats (like these); mine are coral.

Love that boyfriends jeans are back. They are so comfy! I’m still a little hesitant but I’m going with it.

I love knitting socks during football games on Sunday. Even when I’m freezing cold at the actual stadium! To enable that effort? Some new Socks that Rock yarn Christmas socks & Dark Side of the Moon socks from Stacie of Must Stash! p.s. are you knitting too? Come join our #DCSPigskinParty KAL!

I need a clutch so I can carry everything I need at work and still keep my hands available (to do things or to be disinfected). This is my new acquisition. Love that it’s a clutch that also offers some built in organization.

Really enjoyed Krysten Ritter on the Nerdist Podcast (she doesn’t mention acting in Gilmore Girls but I’ll always love her best for that, with Breaking Bad as a close second)!

Checking out Stashbot by Hannah Fettig! Can’t wait to tell you more.

Obsessed with Prairie Girl Susie’s Conjunction Cowl (to the point where I have to force myself to stop knitting it).

Having so much fun collaborating with so many awesome fiber community friends on Infinite Twist’s Fall Shawl Together blog posts. Check them out via Infinite Twist and right here too! So far we’ve learned about How & When to Substitute a Yarn, The Perfectly Colorful Shawl, & Learning the Garter Tab Cast On. Look for my post next week!

One thought on “Fun Links Friday: 11.7.14

  1. Jessica

    I love Krysten Ritter best on Veronica Mars, then Breaking Bad. I just started watching Gilmore Girls and am only about 1/2 way through season 3. I can’t believe I never watched it when it was on TV! Maybe my Krysten Ritter ranking will change when I see her on GG. :)


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