Getting Your Knitting Patterns Noticed

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I’m not going to lie, it feels really good getting your pattern uploaded to Ravelry for sale but there are thousands upon thousands of patterns on Ravelry, both for sale and for free. So how can you stand out?

Here are my top 5 tips for getting your knitting pattern noticed

  1. Aim for amazing photos! Even if the only way knitters find your patterns is by browsing Ravelry, they are far more likely be drawn in if you have a gorgeous photo. You really want your photo to pop. Use a background that’s a sharp contrast to your project. Employ the use of a beautiful model. Use your judgement based on your pattern but when you look through all of the photos you have of your finished object, scroll through and see what really stands out to you. Use that as your featured image.
  2. Be part of the knitting community. One of the best things about Ravelry and about the knitting world in general is the real, honest to goodness aspect of community that exists. There are lots of kind, interesting people who will want to get to know you. Join message boards, find knitters on Instagram or Twitter and get to know people. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you to be sleazy. Be yourself. Be genuinely interested in what others are doing. Share honestly about who you are and what you’re interested in. As you participate in the community you’ll find you have many connections within this huge network. They will start to pay attention when you post and will see what you’re working on. If what you’re knitting are your own patterns they’ll notice that too. You’ll attract attention without having to be a pushy salesperson.
  3. Sponsor Giveaways. Anyone who has been involved in the online knitting community knows there are approximately one million knit-a-longs (KALs) going on at any given moment.  The hosts are often looking for prizes to giveaway to the winners. Reach out and offer your pattern as a prize. I can personally tell you that Ravelry giftable patterns are a great prize option for a KAL host because there’s nothing to mail and less logistics to worry about. This will give you exposure to groups that may not have heard about you because the KAL host will talk about the prizes to drum up enthusiasm for the KAL.
  4. Employ Pattern Gifts. Even if you don’t have an audience (yet), there are plenty of people in the knitting community who do (think podcasters, bloggers, designers). Gifting your pattern to people who share a lot about what they’re knitting can be very helpful to you as a designer. Again, don’t be a jerk. Don’t go into this scheming to get your pattern discussed on every blog and podcast out there. (I’m not saying that was your plan, but don’t forget- this is a community- always strive to be an upstanding member). I approach this as a true gift. If there are people in the knitting community I really enjoy, I sometimes gift my pattern to them as a token of my thanks for what they do and what I get out of their content. I do not and will not specifically ask for mentions of my pattern. If my pattern is of interest to them or if they eventually knit it, they will discuss it. I will in many cases also offer my pattern as a prize in an upcoming contest they may have in the works. This costs me nothing out of pocket and provides free advertising!
  5. Wear it! Do you have any plans to go to a knitting event? It could be something at your LYS. A major fiber festival? A new knitting group? Wear your pattern proudly! If others ask about it, tell them that it’s your design and how they can find. Better yet? Give them a business card with your information so they can find you easily. Better than that? Give them a hand out with a coupon code on it, good for a limited amount of time, to give them even more incentive.

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