February 2017 | Memory Keeping

The Plan:

  • Determine a sustainable plan for documenting memories through scrapbooking (paper and/or digital) in a creative, sharable way that doesn’t overwhelm me.
  • Find, print and hang more photos in our home.



  • I scrapbooked 2005-2009 of my life and then again for part of 2013. I am so grateful to have documented the stories of that time in my life, especially as my nieces and nephews were born. I want to fill in the gaps and capture those moments I know I will forget.
  • I have boxes of photos & memorabilia my mother thoughtfully saved for me. I want to organize it and purge what I don’t want and find a system for making this into something worth saving and sharing.
  • I want to remember and celebrate my life. I want to share stories with my family and pass along wisdom where I can.
  • I want my home to remind me of our happy memories. I want to celebrate my photography skills and see the faces of people I love around me.

What I Did: Details about My Process

  • Deciding on an approach
    • After reading articles online and listening to podcasts, I decided to move to a Library of Memories Approach to scrapbooking (especially for my childhood memorabilia but also for much of my adulthood that I have yet to scrapbook). This approach doesn’t necessarily follow a chronological timeline. Rather you sort photos/pages into these categories:
      • Places we Go
      • People we Love
      • Things we Do
      • All About Us
  • Sorting
    • I sorted through all of my memory boxes. The things I wanted to save were sorted into the 4 categories listed above. Other things were tossed.
    • I reviewed the current state of my finished scrapbooks.
      • 2005-2009 are complete.
      • Part of 2013 is already complete.
      • Half of 2014 photos were already printed + ready
    • I sorted through emails and journal entries and made those accessible (via Evernote) to use for journaling. I also downloaded the Momento app to pull together all of my social media feeds so I can access them and see what I wrote at the time I took/shared the photos.
    • I organized my patterned paper and embellishments. Purging what I didn’t think I would use.
  • Scrapbooking
    • Physical Scrapbooking:
      • I decided to start with the 2014 photos I already had printed. I sorted them into my 4 categories and used Project Life pocket pages to hold photos, journaling cards and embellishments.
    • Digital Scrapbooking:
      • I’ve been using the Project Life App on my iPhone & iPad to document our 2017 photos and memories since the beginning of January. I am keeping up with that weekly and saving my finished pages to Google Drive. My plan is to either create a photo book using Picaboo or to print pages through Persnickety Prints.
      • I am also working my way backwards through 2016 using the Project Life App.
  • Photo Storage
    •  I am in the process of uploading all my photos into Google Photos. This will enable me to have a digital back-up of my files in case of a computer crash. It also allows more sophisticated searching so I can more easily find photos of individuals, places and things.
    • I upgraded my DropBox plan to allow me enough space to automatically back up my phone photos there. I love my photos and do not want to lose them, so this was an important safe guard.
    • I sorted through photos on my computer to find the rest of the 2014 photos I want to print and am nearly ready to place that order.
    • In the process of looking for photos to scrapbook, I am looking for ones to print and hang at home. I haven’t yet printed them, but I’ve noted the sizes of the frames I need to fill to make ordering easier. I did hang photos and collages gift to me by my nieces and nephews!
  • Journaling
    • I’ve started keeping a journal in Evernote to track things I’ll want to remember.
    • I am keeping lists in Evernote of stories I want to scrapbook- important things I want to document and share.

The Result: Success

  • Finding an approach that doesn’t feel overwhelming is success enough alone for me, but I’ve made so much more progress than that already.
  • It is very satisfying to have a plan.
  • I don’t feel the need to be “caught up” in the sense that I no longer feel the need to capture every detail of each year. I am learning to focus on the stories. It’s hard but there’s progress.

How Did It Make Me Happier?

  • YES!
  • I love sorting through my photos & reliving happy memories.
  • I enjoy the creative process of making the pages come together.
  • I love how this process has reinvigorated my brain. I now have my scrapbooker lens back on the world. As I’m enjoying a moment with friends, family or even just by myself, I give myself more pause to really sink into that feeling. I’ve also been taking more photos as a way to actually capture those moments in my scrapbooks.
  • While I enjoy making the physical pages more, I love that the Project Life app is so accessible. It’s the scrapbook equivalent of sock knitting. I can work on a page in line at a store, on the train or in a waiting room. I love getting that rush of productivity and creativity no matter where I am.


Podcasts & YouTube
Websites + Blogs

Helpful Info & Guidelines

  • Printing size- multiply the print size you want times 300 to identify the dpi (dots per inch) that’s ideal. If you want a 4×6 ideally your files size would be 1200 x 1800. You can certainly print a photo with lesser dpi but eventually the quality will suffer.
  • Note- for web viewing, you only need 72 dpi.

Things I Will Continue to Think About

  • Incorporating audio and video into memory keeping.
  • Moving my photos out of iPhoto into another photo management system.


Sample Pages

project-life-1 project-life project-life-6 (1)
170216_project-life-ED2D67 170215_project-life-86011F 170216_project-life-2885C0