Life Looks Like- Week 31


It’s hard to believe that July is over! This summer has flown by so quickly with far too few pool days and far too many work days in the mix, but still there is a lot to be happy about!

This week life looks like:

Getting back into a regular routine [boring stuff life grocery shopping, going to bed at a decent time, watching some TV with Dan. [Do you watch The Killing? We’re addicted] Enjoying homemade iced coffee and eating breakfast together.

Breakfast Burrito + Iced Coffee

Enjoying our “outdoor pets” as we like to think of them. The does are so friendly. This lovely lady was in our yard all day on Tuesday. Since she stuck around I figured I’d try to capture her with the DSLR instead of just my phone.

DoeNot only did she not flinch, she started walking towards me! [almost too close for my 50mm fixed lens! I had to back up]

Doe Love

This week a lot of my focus was on exercise. It’s time to get back on track after a busy couple months filled with legitimate (and some not so legitimate) excuses why it was hard if not impossible to get out there and #justkeepmoving…

couch to 5k

… but work being less crazy means no more excuses.

  • Monday= running before work.
  • Tuesday= Zumba.
  • Wednesday= Lengthen & Lift Class.
  • Friday=running.
  • Saturday= Zumba.
  • Sunday=running [started Week 6 of Couch to 5k)

Lengthen & Lift Class

I’ve been playing around in Lightroom– still have so much to learn– and getting things moved over to the new website! My brain is racing with so many ideas. Feels great to finally be moving on things.


I’m not the only one making progress. Dan is rebuilding this bench for his Mom. He repainted the rot iron back, created the cedar back and is staining pine for the seat to match!

Dan's Bench Makeover

Dan's Bench Makeover

Friday night my main excitement was scoring a bag from the One Twisted Tree Etsy update! Danie’s bags are so beautifully crafted. I’ve heard nothing but great things and can’t wait to have it in my hands (and fill it with fibery goodness)! Can you believe she stitches the design of these flowers? I’m blown away!

One Twisted Tree Bag

All in all it felt like a perfectly ordinary week, which was exactly what we needed around here!

Hope you had a good one too!

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