Life Looks Like: Week 33

Another great week behind me! A less hectic work schedule than usual.

Date Night: Dan’s truck was in the shop so we were a little outside our normal routine this week. Having been away all weekend, I gladly said “yes” when Dan picked me up on Monday night and asked if I wanted to go out to dinner.


Running: Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday. I completed Week 7 of the #c25k app. I’m consistently running the time listed in the program. My pace is still slow, but I’m happy with my progress.


Knitting: I’m working almost exclusively on the shawl for my grandmother. Her 80th birthday is next weekend so the clock is ticking.

Work: It was my last week at work before vacation which was a lovely feeling. It’s always great knowing there’s an end in sight.

Technology:  my iPhone camera is having issues. Need to get it looked at. If I’ve been sparse in my Instagram posts- that’s why.

Play: Friday night I hit Whole Foods to stock up groceries for Saturday’s pool day! Tried this delicious sample of local, organic products and was happily enabled into purchasing the ingredients.

Whole Food Samples- #worthit

Friday night I kicked off vacation with dinner at my best friend’s house, including some pre-dinner entertainment from Aila.


She and I headed out after dinner for a special date (while her brother, Will, watched the second Star Wars movie with the rest of the adults). We went to the arcade, which Aila calls the “arcave” and to Friendly’s for ice cream!

IMG_0293For $2 we made these photo stickers in a photo booth at the arcade! Aila picked the layout! Too cute! She says she’s going to make “valentimes” for Uncle Danny because “he’ll just love it!”

Auntie Jen & AilaShe had a blast with $5 worth of tokens at the arcave and we both agreed that our night was way more fun than watching a stupid movie.

Saturday was the real vacation kick off!

A whole day at the pool with family, great food and good beer!


Uncle Dan finally got in the pool in the afternoon, splashing all the kids. This was his payback!IMG_3617 IMG_3565


The kids swam and jumped off the diving board all day, and there was even some poolside knitting. Priceless.


Looking forward to another great, relaxing, fun-filled week ahead!

Hope you had a good week!




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