Life Looks Like: Week 36

It was a bit of an up-and-down week. Didn’t feel well from Wednesday until mid-day Saturday so the photos are a little sparse. However, the weekend was pure joy!

Tuesday | September 2, 2014imageWaiting on the train platform. Thankful for sunshine (even though it was hot) and a bit of a breeze in my new flowy skirt.

imageI went to the gym because it was so hot (and I figured practice on the treadmill might be good ┬áprep for winter). Then I realized the AC at my gym isn’t industrial strength. It was hot and hard and just plain weird. But I did it!

Wednesday | September 3, 2014

imageAnother hot day Wednesday. Rocking another maxi- a dress this time. Another great find from Stitch Fix. Work flew by. So much for getting out early (even though Dan dropped me off at 5:20a). I called and talked to my niece, Riley, in the afternoon. She was on her way home from her first day of first grade! Getting so big!


imageI worked on Dan’s worsted weight socks waiting for the train. A bit of peace at the end of a hectic afternoon.

imageI took the train and then had to walk a mile to pick up my car from the shop. Just regular maintenance and oil change after hitting 100,000 miles. She’ll be 7 years old in October! Love my Ford!

Thursday | September 4, 2014

imageWent home sick and slept for 2 hours. Didn’t have much energy in the evening either, but the official kick off of the #DCSPigskinParty KAL (and NFL football) perked me up! I cast on some new socks to celebrate!

Friday | September 5, 2014

imageFriday was a low-key day. Dan was away for the weekend, so I enjoyed the clean house, watched TV, and just plain relaxed!

Saturday | September 6, 2014

imageAfter visiting with Mom and Nana in the morning, watching American President [a classic] and taking a swim, we headed over to Will & Aila’s Lemonade and Popsicle stand to raise money for our Run of Hope (on Sunday) to benefit Pediatric Cancer. The most effective selling strategy was for them to hold their sign and smile close to the road.

imageWill had fun making signs. Love this one! [Line on the bottom reads: It’s for the sick kids]

imagePretty sure the two kids drank more than the sold but they raised $72!

Sunday | September 7, 2014

image6 Adults + 5 Kids= Together in Gold!

image The kids enjoyed some time at the playground before it was time to line up for the run/walk. imageI did it! I ran my first 5k! My first mile was my fastest yet [10:25]. Mile 2= 11:01. Mile 3= 11:39. Probably could have improved my time on the end there. I got a little confused about the course and got a little lax thinking I had further to go, but I sprinted across the finish!

image imageCame home and some good old Sunday afternoon football knitting. The Patriots stunk. The knitting is always fun!

Hope you had a good week!

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