High Five!

Let’s give a High Five to the competition!
I have been so blown away to all the progress in the “End Zone Dance” thread that I think you should all check out each other’s finished projects and give a high five.

Use the assigned thread in the Down Cellar Studio Ravelry Group to link back and comment on someone else’s project. For each project you bring to our attention and give a HIGH FIVE to you will earn 5 pts.

High Five away – the only limit is the number of projects out there. Give a high five to all and earn lots of points, if you only do a few earn a few points.

We will be offering these HIGH FIVE breaks throughout the season!

This only lasts one day – although feel free to show love and support throughout the season in the HUDDLE as you have been doing. remember the comments only earn pts in the HIGH FIVE thread.

1st High Five: October 26, 2014Click here for link to High Five Thread on Ravelry. (closed)

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