Are you Ready for some Football? #DCSPigskinParty

Football season starts tonight! Are you ready to compete?

At 8:30p EST we’re kicking off the Down Cellar Studio Pigskin Party KAL!

This football season is about to get a lot more enjoyable for fiber crafters– the football lovers and non-football lovers alike!

The basic idea:

We’ll knit, crochet and spin along with the  NFL football regular season so you too can score touchdowns and field goals which earn you points and increase your chances of winning a fabulous prize. There will also be random drawings every month simply for participating.

We’ll wrap up with a fun-filled weekend of crafting during Super Bowl weekend with events running from Wednesday 1/28/15 until Monday 2/2/15 (to give you time to wrap up your projects).

That’s 5 months of fun, chatter, maybe some good healthy banter and of course PRIZES!

Don’t enjoy football? That’s ok too! There are still plenty of ways to participate. I hope you’ll join us.

Regular Season: Two Places to Play!

1. Down Cellar Studio Ravelry Group= Home Field

  • Join the Roster
    • Sign up here to get yourself on the roster and tell all your friends that you will be competing in the Super Bowl this year!
  • Huddle
    • Come chat in the Down Cellar Studio Football Chatter Group
      • Here we will discuss our strategies and post comments as we move through the season.
      • Monday Night Football fans– there will be a special trivia question every Monday night throughout the football season. Answer correctly and start earning those points. The trivia questions will be in this thread so you might have to search for them. (Random prize winners will be selected from the chatter thread)
  • Make your Predictions
    • The games begin now! The bookies are getting started and so are we at the Down Cellar Studio. Make your Super Bowl Prediction. Who is going to win it all this year?
        • You have into the first two weeks of the season to decide. If you want to wait to see how the team start off that’s ok. If you truly know nothing about football, like me and just like the color combination of the team uniforms, go in and just make your prediction. The team colors won’t be changing anytime soon! Thread will be closed at the end of September.
        • If your team wins the Superbowl you get to add 200 pts to your total score at the end of the KAL (we’ll explain why these points are important below).
  • Compete
    • To score a touchdown you have to move a football down the field 100 yards. So let’s start adding up those touchdown points by getting some knitting, crochet and spinning projects completed! When you finish a project, we’ll cheer you on as you do your End Zone Dance!
    • Earning Points: For every 100 yards completed (in your fiber craft of choice) give yourself 7 points for a touchdown (we are throwing that extra point in there for the fun of it). For all partial touchdown yardage after that add 3 points for a field goal. You can also combine points with special challenges or take on a 1000+ yard project and earn even more. Check out the official KAL page for all of the points options + official rules.

Why do I want points?

To win at football, you need to outscore the other teams. For every 100 points you earn, you will get an entry into the Super Bowl KAL Prize Drawing.  You can earn unlimited entries based on the number of points you accumulate during football season. Those in the top 10% of points earned will also be entered to win the grand prize. All KAL prizes (except for random prize drawings for participation) will be done after February 2nd and announced on the Down Cellar Studio Podcast.

2. Instagram: Away

Football is as much a social event as it is a sporting event. So let’s socialize!

Many of you are already sharing your knitting on instagram. Show us what you’re crafting during your favorite weekly football games- be it Monday Night, Thursday Night or Sunday (or any day in between really).

  • Use the hashtag #DCSPigskinParty on Instagram to be entered for random prize drawings (at least one per month in Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec & Jan)

What can you post about?

  • Your knitting, crochet and/or spinning work in progress or FOs during the game
  • Progress on projects that are in your team colors or inspired by one of your favorite players
  • Show us how you use knitting to stay sane during games you are… ahem… cornered into watching by other members of your household.
  • Wearing some handknits to a game or while watching a game (professional or local)? show us!
  • Have some favorite game time recipes and refreshments? Inspire us!
  • Get creative! If you can relate football & creativity, it counts!


  • To be entered to win you must be a member of the Down Cellar Studio Ravelry Group & have put your name on the Roster
  • Players can only win one prize per month (both for regular season play & playoff play)
  • Fun, playful banter and “trash talking” is encouraged but please be respectful.
  • All projects must be started on or after the start of the Football Season – Thursday September 4th 8:30pm Eastern Time USA & be finished & posted include photos by Monday February 2, 2015
  • Each player will have just one post in the End Zone Dance Thread. Go ahead and reserve your spot (after you’ve put your name on the roster). Then each time you earn points, edit that post with your updated points including photos of your FOs and details of any other points earned (with Special Teams and Cheerleading).
  • All points will be verified and updated if necessary by the referees.
  • Instagram: you must be set to public in order for the referees to find projects you’ve hashtagged

Playoff & Super Bowl Festivities

There will be special events during the playoffs, all leading up to the big Super Bowl Weekend KAL.

We have a bunch of fun things planned around your favorite events that happen during the Super Bowl. There will be a pre-game show, half-time activities (and maybe a special podcast) as well as those infamous Superbowl Commercials.

Stay tuned for prizes and games all weekend long!

For questions, more information and to get on the roster to start playing-  come on over to the Down Cellar Studio Podcast Group!

Hope you’ll join in the fun! Best of luck to all of our competitors!

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