Splash Pad Party 2016- Call for Sponsors!


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Are you an indie business geared towards fiber enthusiasts? Then check out this opportunity to be a part of some serious summer fun in the Down Cellar Studio Podcast Group

I’ve heard from so many listeners that they don’t want to wait until the fall for the 2016 Pigskin Party to have more KAL-fun with us, so I’ve whipped up something for summer!

  • Please click on the links here to find out what the KAL is all about (it’s pool/splash pad themed so it will all make more sense if you read the KAL Overview first):  Splash Pad Party KAL Overview
  • Then review the details about the options for sponsors. Sponsor Details

UPDATE: As of Thursday 4/14 only 1 Pro-Shop Spot is available If you’d like the last one, email me ASAP.

I will be taking Snack Shack Sponsors until 4/20. The only requirement is to donate a prize of at least $15 value and to mail it to the winner! See link for details.

So what are you waiting for? Jump in now by emailing me (downcellarstudio @ gmail dot com) to tell me which type of sponsorship you’re interested in and we can discuss the details!

Want first opportunity to sign up next time? Sign up for my email list and check the box to indicate you’re interested in sponsorship opportunities.

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