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Stitch Fix August 2014 } Down Cellar StudioShari Abstract Chevron Print Maxi Dress $78.00


In August, I received my second Stitch Fix shipment. I was hopeful and excited but after sending back three of five items in my previous shipment (June 2014) I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Because I’ve been talking about this on the podcast lately, I wanted to give a more thorough review of Stitch Fix and a show and tell so you could see what I’ve been talking about.

Stitch Fix Basics

  • Stitch Fix is a subscription box filled with 5 items of clothing and accessories.
  • You fill out an online quiz to complete your style profile. You can also refer your stylist to a Pinterest Board where you can continually share thoughts about your likes and dislikes and general inspiration.
  • Choose to have a shipment sent monthly or defer months as you like.
  • For each shipment you pay a $20 styling fee, which is credited back to you if you purchase something from the box.
  • On your selected date, Stitch Fix sends you a shipment. You try everything on at home. Keep what you like, return what you don’t (free shipping both ways) within 3 days.
  • For each item (whether you keep it or not) you answer a few short multiple choice questions to give them feedback about how the item fits and your satisfaction with it. There is also a free text field where you can give further feedback to our stylist.

Ok. That’s the overview. Now to the fun stuff. My most recent fix!

The first item I opened was the red maxi dress (above). I love it! The notes from my stylist noted that its similar to another style they had sent me but in a print similar to things I’ve pinned on my Pinterest Board but in different colors (an attempt to stretch me a little). There are plenty of options of how to wear it. With a belt. WIth a cardigan over the top. With a shawl over my shoulders. I think it’s really versatile. The straps are wide so I can wear it at work in the summer without something over it and without my bra straps showing. It was a must keep.

I didn’t, however, think the navy cardigan (below) would be a keeper. I tried it on with some pants and it was only ok. Cute, but not a show stopper. Then after reviewing the style guide from Stitch Fix I saw it styled over a dress, and thought “why not?” and put it on over the red dress. Voila! Much better.

Stitch Fix August 2014 } Down Cellar Studio

Stitch Fix August 2014 } Down Cellar StudioIzzie Asymmetrical Button Front Cotton Cardigan $28.00

You can button it in a variety of ways. Please forgive the fact that the shawl collar part is a bit wrinkly in this photo. It can lay nicely if it’s been pressed. It’s also hard to see in the photo, but on the under side of the sleeves there is a ribbed section that holds it on snugly which I enjoy. It’s very soft and comfortable but adds a little pizzazz.

Stitch Fix August 2014 } Down Cellar StudioSpencer Striped Jersey Dress $54.00

I also received this shorter dress. It’s striped, which I adore, and the fit accentuates my smaller top half. There are oodles of styling options. Shoes, jewelry, that navy cardigan may look good over it too, come to think of it. But frankly it was nearly 90 degrees when I was trying these on to show you, so I didn’t get all that creative with the photos.

Stitch Fix August 2014 } Down Cellar StudioCadance Open Back Cowl Neck Top $34.00

This green tank is cute! It has a keyhole cut out in the back. The front-top drapes nicely. The material is good quality and it’s very soft! I think this will be great to wear with some skinny jeans out to a bar with friends. Classic, and not too flashy, but stylish in it’s own right.

Stitch Fix August 2014 } Down Cellar StudioEmily Lightweight Chevron Infinity Scarf $32.00

I’m not big on infinity scarves, but they nailed it with this one! I love chevron. This color blue is beautiful. It’s light and comfortable. It drapes well. I can easily wrap it twice if I want some more warmth and less length.

For the first time, I kept all 5 pieces! I was really impressed with each of them and how appropriate they were for my taste. What really wowed me this time around is just how much they took into consideration all of the feedback I have given. They clearly do look at my Pinterest Board. They have taken note of comments I’ve written about previous items they’ve sent me, both those I’ve kept and those I returned.

So what does all of this cost?

I included the price of each item under the photo. I gave input into the prices I was willing to pay for particular types of items and I think that was reflected in the items I was sent this month.

  • Sub-total for all 5 items: $226
  • 25% discount- $51.50 (for purchasing all 5 items)
  • Styling Fee Credit- $20.00
  • Total for 5 items: $154.50

That averages out to a little less than $31.00 per item. For clothing and accessories that are of good quality, wash and wear well, I think it’s an exceptional value for good product and an uniquely enjoyable shopping experience.

If you haven’t yet checked out Stitch Fix and are looking to change up your style or just try something you don’t see a ton of other passersby wearing, I’d recommend giving it a try. And if you found this review helpful, please consider using my referral code.


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