Stitches Midwest: The Yarn!


The haul!It goes without saying that one of the most exciting things about going to a fiber event is ALL THE YARN

Ironically, I usually only buy a few skeins of yarn (2-4 on average) and then a couple other small items when I go to fiber events. I really need to have some semblance of a project in mind or I just don’t have the desire to purchase something. Having purchased yarn without a plan too many times in the past and then spending hours on Ravelry trying to find a pattern to pair it with, I’ve learned my lesson. For me, it’s not worth it. I end up feeling stressed that I spent money on something I can’t find use for.

Stitches Midwest was another story. I warned my friends I’d likely be the “wild card” in terms of spending. I’d either stick to my conservative habits or completely lose my mind in the vast array of that market filled with vendors I’ve heard SO much about but have never seen in real life.

I’m happy to say I landed somewhere safely in the middle- far more than my usual 2-4 skeins but not in the eating-pb&j-for-6-months-to-come-because-of-my-spending territory.

Here’s my show & tell of things I purchased at Stitches Midwest

Another Crafty Girl[Another Crafty Girl; Strong Sock in Colorway Ponkie Brewster]

Ponkie Brewster: This had to come home with me. The jewel tones are perfect to fit in with my wardrobe, especially in cooler months. And the reference to Punky Brewster? Come on! My mom called me Punky Brewster for years, and deservedly so! I dressed just as insanely as proudly as she did as a kid. Can’t wait to knit this up.

Miss Babs[Miss Babs: 3 ply Babette in the Perfectly Wreckless Colorway]

Perfectly Wreckless: This skein got the most ooohs and ahhhhs when I brought it to show & tell at my local knitting group this week- and for good reason! The vibrance and variation in these colors is stunning.  I am planning to pair this with an off-white colored yarn I’ve been struggling to find a project for. I think the neutral & the pops of colors will pair nicely.

I didn’t realize it at the time but according to the Miss Babs website a “’Babette’ is our name for one-of-a-kind, unrepeatable* colorways. We have many colors that Babs dyes again and again, but Babettes are different every time. Babettes bring artistry, unpredictable color, and joy to your knitting, crochet, spinning, and weaving.” Pretty cool! Kinda makes it even more special!

Fiberystory[Fiberstory: Core DK in the Sweetly Colorway]

Sweetly: I purchased two of this colorway and one skein in a mulberry type color to coordinate for a hat & mitt or hat & cowl set. I cast on a hat while at Stitches because I couldn’t resist and am thoroughly enjoying this yarn. I can’t recommend it highly enough!

FiberstoryI couldn’t resist a skein of fingering weight yarn from Fiberstory too. Not sure yet if this will be used for fingerless mitts or a shawl. This may be my favorite color gray ever!

Apple Tree[Apple Tree Knits: Plush DK in the Cherry Blossom Colorway]

Cherry Blossom: I bought this yarn to make a sweater for one of my nieces for Christmas! Its 100% merino and quite possibly the softest squishiest thing I’ve ever squeezed.

It was so hard to pick from all of the beautiful colorways and gradients from Apple Tree Knits, and the proprietress, Liz, was delightful and sweet.

IMG_3347[Freia Handpaint Yarns: Ombre Fingering in the Lichen Colorway]

Lichen: I think these will be great colors for fall and already some jewelry in mind that I think will match well. These are both the same, just wound differently. Not exactly sure how I’ll use them yet, but likely in a shawl.

Kismet Fibers[Kismet Fiber Works: Sleek Fingering Weight in the Concord Colorway]

Concord: I’ve been looking for a purple and a red yarn to fulfill my goal to have a triangular shawl in each color in the rainbow. Still looking for red, but when I put this purple up near my face, my friend Emily told me it was perfect! I agree. Plus, its so ridiculously soft!!!!

Stephanie and Angie from Kismet Fiber Works were just the sweetest. We really enjoyed their booth! More photos to come.

IMG_3327[Dragonfly Fibers: Traveller DK Base in the District 12 Colorway]

District 12: This will be used to knit up a rhino!

Tee[Tshirt: from Knerd]

Isn’t this the greatest t-shirt ever?  I love it!! Enough said.

Kitchen Counter Crafter[Single Shot Small Project Bag from Kitchen Counter Crafter– JavaJennie]

I love this bag. I really enjoy the snap closure. It’s perfect for socks. I have already knit on these legwarmers while carrying the bag on my wrist. Perfection. I’ll definitely be ordering more from Jennie (who, in case you don’t know is just awesome!).

One Twisted Tree Bag[One Twisted Tree Bag: Poppy Series by Prairie Girl Danie]

Ok, technically I didn’t buy this at Stitches Midwest, but since I was staying with Danie, I asked her to bring it instead of shipping it. I am still in awe of the beauty that is the craftsmanship of this bag. Danie draws the design and then stitches it free-hand on the bag with her sewing machine. It’s even more stunning in real life. The construction is sturdy. There are pockets inside and this large wedge size can easily hold 2-3 skeins of yarn. It’s just special.

One Twisted Tree

I would tell you to go get one, but she’s completely sold out! Put her in your Etsy favorites and catch one on her next update. You won’t regret it.

So… that’s the scoop. Not terrible right? I’m really happy with each of my purchases and now I just have one problem. I want to cast on all the things!

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  1. Karen

    Hey Jen, Thanks for sharing pics of all your lovelies! Very nice descriptions and excellent photos! Love your blog and podcast. You have a wonderful voice for a podcast!

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