Riley Rose Shawl

Riley Rose is a 3-colored shawl worked sideways. You begin on the right tip with an interesting garter-tab cast on with a mock i-cord edging and increase up to the point of the triangle and then decrease for the left side of the shawl. Best of all, the stitch patterns and colors change just often enough to keep you from getting bored!


Limited Offer: until Wednesday July 27, 2016 at 10p EST, this shawl will be available for $3.00. No coupon code required! After that time, it will go up to the full price of $6.00.

Dying to cast on? Finish this shawl by August 6th, take photos, create a project page and PM me (BostonJen). I’ll happily gift you and a friend of your choice any one of my other patterns for free! You and your friend may each choose a different pattern if you like.

Key DetailsIMG_4485-2

Skills used in this project: Judy’s Magic Cast-On (could substitute another provisional cast on if you like), basic increasing and decreasing, and kitchener stitch.

  • A video tutorial for this shawl’s cast on is available here.
  • A video tutorial for the Judy’s Magic Cast On is available here.

Yarn:  One Twisted Tree in the Prime Merino Fingering Base- 460 yards/100grams

  • Color A:  Seashell (light coral) – 151 yards
  • Color B:  Reef Coral (dark coral) – 254 yards
  • Color C:  Gulf (aqua blue) – 203 yards
  • Total:      608 yards used (with gauge of 25 stitches of 4 inches in Garter)

Gauge: 25 stitches & 40 rows per 4 inches (in Garter Stitch)

Finished Size: Width: 66.5 in / 167.7 cm  | Height: 18 in/ 45.7 cm

A Note about Yarn: the One Twisted Tree Prime Fingering yarn used in the sample is a lighter fingering than you may have on hand. If your gauge is different (and likely it will be if you do not swatch), you will use more yarn. Please see notes below for the amount of yarn used when this pattern is knit at different gauges. A special thank you to my test knitters for providing this information.

  • 21 sts/ 4 inches= A: 190 yards  |   B: 312 yards  | C: 252 yards  |  Total: 754 yards
  • 23 sts/ 4 inches= A: 190 yards  |  B: 300 yards  |  C: 250 yards  |  Total: 740 yards
  • 24 sts/ 4 inches= A: 166 yards  |  B:  277 yards  | C: 175 yards  |  Total: 618 yards
  • 25 sts/ 4 inches= A: 151 yards  | B: 254 yards  | C: 203 yards  | Total: 608 yards

This pattern has been tech edited & test knit.


This shawl is dedicated to my niece Riley Rose who is a bright, creative, caring girl. Her interests are many and varied, skipping around like the patterns in this ever-changing design. Riley is always one to wrap you in a warm embrace and I hope some of that warmth finds you, too.IMG_7864IMG_7890