Fun Links Friday 10.24.14

Sweet Heart

It’s Friday! Here are some fun things I found around the interwebs that you may like to check out too!

Corcoa Ball Jar Lid Coasters: Susan B Anderson’s son has started this venture and I for one thinks it’s super cute, clever and affordable. They’d make great gifts too!

This is the coolest coat rack I’ve ever seen!

I am addicted to the This American Life spin off : Serial podcast. What is it? A podcast that follows one story through each episode of a season. This first season covers a murder case. One man was convicted, claims he is innocent and Sarah Koenig researches the story finding lots of holes in the case. I am riveted!

32 Favorite Hair Tutorials: A Beautiful Mess [brilliant as always]

Paper bag jack-o-lanterns= cute and fun for Halloween lunches!

I’m thoroughly tickled by the “And I Quote” series from Tracy Shutterbean [she takes amazing photos! This is so well done]

My friend gave me this great resource called Polyvore for those of you doing Stitch Fix! If you Pin things from here to the Pinterest board you’ve told your Stitch Fix Stylist to follow, they’ll send you these actual items!

Have a great weekend!

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