Life Looks Like: Week 35

A little late. Those Monday holidays throw us all off, don’t they?

Monday | 8.25.14

Morning Run then hair cut & color at home with friends. Last day of vacation.Monday | Cut & Color- Down Cellar Studio

Tuesday | 8.26.14

Back to work after vacation. Car hit 100,000 miles on the way to the train. Love my Ford Escape Hybrid. Can’t believe it’s almost 7 years old.

100,000 miles on my Ford Escape Hybrid | Down Cellar Studio

After work I hit the gym for the first time in awhile. Got my Zumba on which was a nice change of pace. For more on that, check out this post.

Wednesday | 8.27.14

Registed for a Getting Things Done seminar for work [but I’m really excited for it personally too!]! I’m currently reading David Allen’s book Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity {affiliate link}

Train Knitting: Mitered Squares using Infinite Twist Yarn.

Infinite Twist | Down Cellar Studio

Swatching for new design ideas (and enjoying my new manicure). Swatching | Down Cellar StudioGold is my new favorite neutral.

Thursday | 8.28.14

Finished my #c25k program on my phone and got my fastest mile yet. Still not hitting 5k in 30 minutes but apparently that’s normal. I’m striving for continual progress.
Running | Down Cellar Studio

Friday |8.29.14

I joined some friends at a local pub to see our favorite country band, Whiskey Wild, featuring two of our good friends! So much fun!IMG_8699

Whiskey Wild | Down Cellar Studio

Saturday | 8.30.14

Started the long weekend off with a run. Didn’t improve my pace but I got in my first  full 3 mile run! #justkeepmoving
Running | Down Cellar Studio

I ran errands and noticed Mom’s post on Facebook that she was taking my niece Riley shopping. I was in the same plaza so I met up with them, and a few minutes later we ran into my grandmother! IMG_87354 generations in a dressing room. Can you tell who was having the most fun?

Knitting after my chores were doneIMG_8754

…which then turned into my {ahem, lame} version of Happy Hour! That’s lemonade {which is watered down} but I enjoyed it! I started knitting on my Cool Clavical Cover which I’d been clamoring to cast on.
Happy Hour | Down Cellar Studio

My friend Megg & her family were back from Ireland and invited friends over for dinner and games. I picked up a new-to-me IPA recommended by my friend.
IMG_8758I arrived to find out my brother, who I didn’t know was coming, brought the same exact beer! Weird! (p.s. LOVE having him back in town so that this can happen)

IMG_8761Dinner for 5 crazy kids first.

IMG_8764Silly boys!


Then it was play time for the adults. Can’t get enough of how funny this game was. And yes, it’s best when combined with good beer + knitting.

Sunday | 8.31.14

8:15a Yoga with Mom. A lovely way to start the day. Hung out at her house for a bit and tackled some creative things. Continued that talk into lunch at Be Good. Love that place, but Mom just turned me on to their salads! Wow!

After lunch we took Mom to the Apple store where she bought her first Mac- a Mac Book Pro!IMG_8776

Then it was time to put off the Grocery Shopping that I had foregone when back-to-school shopping sounded far more interesting.IMG_8778

This exists?IMG_8777

Monday | 8.31.14

Dan came back from his motorcycle trip and we spent longer than I had planned catching up and telling stories. Before I knew it was after 10am and scorching hot. But I had it on my list to run and even though I didn’t want to- I went. IMG_8804I came home too tired to even shower right away. 2 miles in the heat= beat. I laid on the floor in the closet for awhile… Gross! #worthit #justkeepmoving

Monday | 09.01.14 | Labor Day

I finalized the plans for the #DCSPigskinParty KAL and recorded Episode 52 of the PodcastIMG_8820Life is good! Hope you had a great week too!


2 thoughts on “Life Looks Like: Week 35

  1. Beverly

    Hi Jen! Hey, I was just curious – does your hybrid really only get 28.5 mpg? I think my CR-V is about the same size with over 100,000 and it gets 26 – regular engine. I considered getting a hybrid next time, but that doesn’t impress me too much. Maybe it was a bad example?

    1. Post author

      I usually average around 30. But it does better in the spring and fall when you’re not cranking the AC or heat. I can get 35-36 if I’m trying a little harder, but I often have a lead foot :( So it was a little bit of a bad example because I had just gotten gas but not totally atypical given that its been so hot. Though when I bought this in 2007 SUVs were getting maybe 14-16 MPG max so this was a huge improvement. Also mine is automatic 4WD. I think the 2WD models may do better but I can’t live without 4WD.


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