Interception: Halloween Weekend

This interception will run from Thurs Night Football – Monday Night Football

Cast on any time Thursday Oct 30, 2014 and finish by 11:59:59 Monday Nov 3, 2014.

What are we making?????

Mascots of course – Knit or Crochet a Mascot (real or imaginary ie: monster, critter, or any creature). Most of these are small so you only have the extended weekend from start to finish.

How many points are they worth????

  1. Each MASCOT critter/creature/monster is worth 100pts.
  2. Add 20 pts if it is in a team color
  3. Add 20 pts if it is an actual team mascot (please tell us the team)
  4. Add 50 pts if you photograph your Mascot doing something football related! (Use your imagination and have fun with this! Please keep photos G-PG rated)
  5. Add 10 pts for an IG share Total # of pts per Mascot – 200 (No other DCSPigskin Points work for this Interception)

Post your photo in this thread and add your points to your End Zone Dance Thread totals.

There is no limit to the number of Mascots you can create.

Sorry spinners and weavers but I don’t see how this can be anything other than a knit or crochet challenge.

Click here for link to Ravelry Thread for this Interception.

2 thoughts on “Interception: Halloween Weekend

    1. Post author

      Not silly at all— it means Knit a Long :) If you knit a mascot/toy this weekend you get bonus points :)


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