2015 Pigskin Party KAL


The Down Cellar Studio Podcast Community will knit, crochet and spin along with the NFL football season (September 10, 2015- February 8, 2016) so you too can score touchdowns and field goals which earn you points and increase your chances of winning a fabulous prize. There are also opportunities to get more points along the way by using products from our awesome sponsors, for posting on Instagram, getting others to participate in the KAL etc.

We’ll wrap up with a fun-filled weekend of crafting during Super Bowl weekend with events running from Wednesday 2/3/16 until Monday 2/8/16 (to give you time to wrap up your projects).

That’s 5 months of fun, chatter, maybe some good healthy banter and of course PRIZES!

Don’t enjoy football? That’s ok too! There are still plenty of ways to participate. I hope you’ll join us.

How to Play:

  • Join the Roster
    • Sign up here to get yourself on the roster and tell all your friends that you will be competing in the Super Bowl this year! Your name must be on the roster to compete for prizes.
  • Draft your Friends
    • If you draft one or more of your friends who is not already a member of the Down Cellar Studio Ravelry Group to come join the group and join the Roster for Pigskin Party KAL you’ll earn 25 extra per player you recruit. List the Ravelry names of the players you’ve drafted in your End Zone Dance post with 25 points next to each name.
  • Huddle
    • Come chat in the Down Cellar Studio Ravelry Group Monthly Huddle Chatter Threads. Random prizes will be given away to participants
  • Cheerlead
    • Use the hashtag #DCSPigskinParty2015 on Instagram to be entered for random prize drawings.
    • Don’t wait until your project is finished- show us your WIPs and FO, your game day traditions or favorite recipes! Get creative.
  • Make your Predictions
    • Make your Super Bowl Prediction. Who is going to win it all this year?
    • Enter your prediction in this thread by 10p EST on September 30th when the thread will be locked. If your team wins the Superbowl, add 200 points to your End Zone Dance Post.

Earn Points!


  • For every 100 yards completed (in your fiber craft of choice) give yourself 7 points for a touchdown (we are throwing that extra point in there for the fun of it).
    • Note: for spinning, please count the yardage of your finished skein.
    • Note: if you held yarn doubled or tripled, you may only count the length of yardage used in your project  (do not double or triple that yardage to count each strand).
  • For all partial touchdown yardage after that add 3 points for a field goal and for any small finished project (between 30-100 yards) give yourself 3 points for a field goal
    • Note: for small modular projects, you can count an individual blanket square as long as you cast it on and off during the KAL and if it uses 30 yards. If you do so, you cannot then count the yardage of the total blanket if you finish the entire project. If each piece is less than 30 yards, you may count all modular items completed during the KAL as one project.
    • Note: If you create a set of smaller items (less than 100 yards each) that will be gifted together, for example dishcloths or small toys, you may count them as 1 project and total the points as such. This is not to be used for larger projects even if you are gifting them together (for example, a hat and scarf set would be two separate projects)

Special Teams

Call on these special plays to earn yourself extra points. If your finished object falls into one or more of these categories– give yourself 4 extra points each:

  • Use a product from one of our sponsors (bag, stitch markers, yarn, etc).
    • Note: you may you stitch markers and bags more than once, but the projects may not overlap (example: you can use a sponsor project bag for socks in September and then a hat in October but cannot use it for both projects at the same time).
  • Double the points if you use a product from a Headline Sponsor (8pts instead of 4)
  • Make a koozie for your beverage of choice
  • Make something in your team colors (NFL, College, Local)
  • Make something that incorporates your team logo
  • Make something with a football theme to it
  • Make a project to donate to charity
  • Knit from stash (yarn/fiber purchased more than 6 months from the time you cast on- does not need to be in your Ravelry stash to count. Please be honest.)

The Blitz is On (500+ pts)

  • All the little points add up quickly but if you want to really stake your claim on the big prize  you will call a Blitz on your opponents. From Cast-On (September 10, 2015) until the last second of the Superbowl game if you complete a single project of over 1000 yards give yourself “Blitz Points”!
  • This finished item must be completely off the needles, all ends woven in if needed, all buttons etc sewn on. The only thing not required to call it complete is the blocking.
  • A blitz is worth an extra 500 points plus the Touchdown, Field Goal & Special Teams points earned for that project.


  • We’ll add short challenges sprinkled throughout the season, usually over weekends to keep things interesting and help you earn more points.
  • Details for each will be announced in the individual Interception Thread.

Tally Your Points

  • Each player will add just 1 post to the End Zone Dance Thread (after joining the Roster). Then each time you earn points, edit that original point with your points & points breakdown & the photo(s) of your FO.
  • For each finished object you must:
    • Include a photo
    • List the number of yards used & points associated with that
    • List the number of Special Teams points earned and for which special play (example- knit from stash) (if applicable)
    • List the number of Blitz points earned (if applicable)
  • All points will be verified and updated (if necessary) by the referees.

Be a Winner!

  • We think you’re all winners just for participating and having fun with us. But we know you’re here for the prizes too and that’s great!
    • We’ll randomly give away prizes for Instagram posts using #DCSPigskinParty2015, for posts in the monthly Huddle Threads in the Ravelry Group, for Monday night Bingo and other ways you participate.
    • For every 100 points you earn, you will get an entry into the Pigskin Party KAL Prize Drawing.  You can earn unlimited entries based on the number of points you accumulate during football season.  Points-based KAL prizes will be drawn after February 8nd and announced on the Down Cellar Studio Podcast.
The Rules:
  • To be entered to win prizes you must be a member of the Down Cellar Studio Ravelry Group and have put your name on the Roster
  • All points will be verified and updated if necessary by the referees.
  • Fun, playful banter and “trash talking” is encouraged but please be respectful.
  • All knitting, crochet and spinning projects must be started on or after the start of the Football Season – Thursday September 10th 8:30pm Eastern Time USA & be finished on Sunday February 7, 2016 at midnight (with FOs posted in the End Zone Dance Thread including photos by Monday February 8, 2016 at midnight)
  • Instagram: you must be set to public in order for the referees to find projects you’ve hashtagged. If you’d prefer not to have a public account, that’s ok too, but unfortunately we won’t be able to select you for random prizes on Instagram (but you’re still welcome to participate in all other ways).
  • Prizes are announced primarily on the Down Cellar Studio Podcast. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss anything.

If you have any questions, come on over to the Down Cellar Studio Ravelry Group and ask your question.

15 thoughts on “2015 Pigskin Party KAL

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  5. Gloria McCracken

    Joy Fox (happyfox74@att.net) recruited me, so I hope I signed up well enough for her to get her points.

    1. downcellarstudio@gmail.com Post author

      Welcome! Just make sure Joy lists 25 draft points for you (and lists your Ravelry ID) in her End Zone Dance Post.

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