Stitches Midwest: The People That You Meet

Everyone goes to fiber festivals because of the allure of the yarn (and fiber related goodies), but whether you intend for it to happen or not, the focus usually shifts to connections you’ve made and will make over the course of the event with all of the amazing people you meet there.Stitches Midwest Roomies[My Roomies: Susie, Sarah, Kristi, Danie, Sarah, Emily & Molly]

I can say without a doubt that my Stitches Midwest Experience was so much fun and will always be so memorable because of the people I met along the way.

That started from the very first moment that I met up with my roomies. We had been chatting and video chatting beforehand but I still thought it may take a few to get comfortable with each other. Nope. From the second we hugged hello it was as if we had known each other our whole lives! It’s amazing how having things in common will bond people like that.

Podcaster Meet UpFriday & Saturday at noon there was a podcaster meet up on the second floor near this beautiful fireplace. It was one of the best meet ups I’ve been to. Unlike the big open grassy area at Rhinebeck, this space had cozy little sections where folks could stop and really talk. It felt much more natural.

Cori & Jen[Cori aka irocknits & me]

Podcasters = Awesome

[Emily Straw of Knitting Butterflies Podcast, Lucia of Pearl of the Pacific PodcastSue & Lynne of Two Tangled Skeins Podcast & Megan of The Stockinette Zombies Podcast]

Of course for me, these meet ups are twice the fun. I look forward to meeting all of you and I get to meet the podcasters I watch and listen to as well.

Jen & MeganIt was a pleasure meeting Megan of Stockinette Zombies! I can tell you she’s just as sweet, fun and funny in person as she is on the podcast!

Danie, Megan, SusieSee? She’s making Prairie Girl Susie crack up!

Tan House BrookI also was really fortunate to meet many of my listeners. A few, like Charmaine and Carla asked to try on my Tan House Brook Shawl and of course I obliged. I think there are still many people out there who think a triangular shawl can’t look good on them and I enjoy proving that that’s simply untrue. It was also interesting to see just how great this color green looked on lots of different people!

Tan House Brook

Emily Straw PhotographyEmily, Me, JavaJennie of Kitchen Counter Crafter, Kristi & Jeanette of Sun Valley Fibers]

Photo credit: Emily Straw

I also met lots of lovely people out on the vendor market floor! I am always more interested to buy things from vendors who are personable, likable and helpful. There were so many people like that at Stitches!

Emily Straw PhotographyEmily with Jaala Spiro of Knit Circus Yarns

IMG_3311[Cary of Jelby, Becca and Sarah from Another Crafty Girl in their shared booth]

Jen, Benjamin & KristiAfter the market on Saturday, a few of us were really fortunate to run into Benjamin Levisay, CEO of XRX and of course the host of the Fiber Hooligan Podcast. He was so down to earth, interested to hear what we had to say about our Stitches experience, and wanting to talk shop about podcasting, which you don’t have to twist my arm to do!

Jen & PaulaOn Saturday night, we had a podcaster filled dinner! I’m so grateful to Paula of the Knitting Pipeline Podcast for reaching out in advance to ask about making plans to get together. It was great having the chance to get to know Paula. She is 100% delightful.

I hope if you went to Stitches Midwest you took advantage of the opportunity to meet some amazing people! It was great even just chatting with other shoppers and passersby. Knitters are awesome!

3 thoughts on “Stitches Midwest: The People That You Meet

  1. Suzanne

    It’s fun to see who you met. I recognize many of the people by their ravelry user name but to put a name to the face is even better.

  2. Emily S

    Oh my gosh, I just got teary-eyed reading this!! You were an absolute joy to spend the weekend with, I am blessed to call you friend! Also, your photos are AWESOME, good call on using the flash! You are one amazing gal! <3 <3

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